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Roy, definatly... When you turn 16 (or older in cases like my own, LOL), you can write a test and get what is called a G1 License... its 100$ and that gives you the right to drive your car with 1 person in the car with you who has had there full license for more then 4 years. You cant drive after 12:00am - 5:00am. You have to have the G1 license for a MINIMUM of 8 months with driving school or 12 months if you dont go to driving school. Then you go and take your road test for your G2 License... G2 is pretty much a full license but you can have 0 alchohol in your blood... If you drank 1 beer 5 hours ago and get pulled over and blow ANY trace of alchohol you get charged.. pretty ptupid but thats the only limitation with the g2... then you have that for 5 years and you can get your full G license.. LOL so the process takes a minimum of 6 years to get your FULL license.. its ridiculas.

and even if you are like 40 when you go, you STILL have to go through the whole process now... Oh yeah if you fail your test for your G (FULL LICENSE) They drop you back down to G1 untill you can schedule a road test for your G2 again... Sometimes it can take months... if you book a road test now, you cant get in untill October for the G or G2... I had to go all the way to peterborough on a last miunte cancelation, my origional test wasnt untill August 8th! :P is offline