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I can understand the concept of your mite killing tactics, as many ppl have used the dove-way before with success. However, i have never heard of anyone leaving there snakes covered in 100% dove for 3 weeks straight.
All i have heard is soaking them in a solution of dove (but mostly water) which i believe i read on the website.

IMO, there are many easier and proven-safe ways to eradicate mites.
Plus, i dont like leaving anything on my snakes, and unless you have used this method many many times, i would not trust your one-time experience on my snakes.

A good soak in only water and a rub down in a towel will get rid of any dried blood. Remember these arn't dirty

I'd say this information could be very valuable if and when you have tried it on atleast 10 different snakes. But again, id rather use an easier, more-trusted option when it comes to external parasites.

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