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A hairless cat or a all white snake that used to be black and gold.. If people are against hybrids then they should also be against the support of captive breeding of snakes with MUTATIONS...
Ahhh .. Jeff, there's the rub. You're absolutely right. It is quite hypocrytical to say "no hybrids" and yet drool over the latest :designer" snake. I guess it's like my offgassing rants. You can't stop all of it, but hopefully you can draw the line somewhere.

I'm like everyone else .. I'd kill for a piebald, I'd probably drool over the emerald X amazon someone mentioned, but I still have a problem with stepping over that line and actually crossing species. I'd like to think that if I was offered the aformentioned (yay .. big words) cross, that I would have the scruples to say no.
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