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We moved last winter, we only moved 3 hours away but because of the extream temperatures out side we still had to be careful.

We had 3 boa's, 3 ball pythons, 2 burms, 3 corn snakes and 1 king snake to move when we moved. what we did was took 3 coolers put heat pads in each cooler (we have a stat power unit for providing electricity). Then we put the different boids in snake bags and put the boa's in 1 cooler, the ball pythons in the next cooler and the burms in the last cooler. Then we put the colubrids in hard plastic containers with air holes to protect them from being squished by the larger boids. We put those in the various cooler's too, with the king snake in a different cooler then the corns. By doing this we managed to keep the various snakes seperated from cross species contamination.
The heat pads kept the temperatures warm enough for the snakes, you'll probably want to use frozen water bottles (insulate them, you don't wanna freeze the snakes!!!) to keep the temps cool enough for them. We also tossed a cheap temp gauge in each cooler so we could keep an eye on the temps as well, you don't want to cook your snakes.

Do not feed the snakes for a week before traveling, you don't want to have regurges.

The packing process went like this; we packed everything except the snake tanks. then we packed up the snakes and their cages. the cages were first to be unloaded and we had one person partially set up the cages while everyone else continued to unload (took about 10 minutes as we didn't set up the shelves or anything till later).
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