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Nope, it wasn't out of context.
The part I disagree with is as the first meal as many will take dead as the first meal.
The '& as a last resort' - I agree with, just prior to a series of tube feeding in a snake that is degrading too quickly. Sometimes you can't avoid it, as it is a possibility in getting a stubborn snake to eat.
But yes, chems in the feeders is very possible, even an accidental ingestation of chemicals from the snake ingesting treated substrate during the feeding.

Some common treatments for mites and ticks, such as spraying diluted ivermectin on boids, although harmless for them, is deadly for treating other snakes, such as pit vipers.
I do know someone that learned about ivermectin and pits after the fact of a dead baby copper.
This person has been keeping reptiles for over 20 years, but this was one of his first hots.
I am lucky in that case as I learned from it as I had never previously used ivermectin, yet learned valuable information.

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