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Omen you have taken a quote out of context on the "P.S." part you missed the end "& AS A LAST RESORT" so therefore we do not nessicarily disagree. I would be meaning pinkie mice & small fuzzies for bigger babies & only to help get them started on dead/thawed. To which you may disagree. Also I was thinking more like the mouse incurred some damage on the way down & it was probably more like a couple of minutes (not 5 like I had stated )& that the snake was just beginning to react to a possible internal injury. I too had mentioned to her the only way to know for sure would be a "post mortem" , but they having had only the one snake at the present probably won't DOH. The toxin thing on the prey is a good point & makes some sense based on the snakes behaviour so a person will have to follow up on the food source, more than likely a local pet shop. So you figure something that they would possibly be using to control parasites on the mice could be the culprit Omen? Is there any past cases of this that anyone knows of for sure? You definitely have me thinking on that one Omen.
I don't think disease is valid in this case, but if someone out there knows of one that will do something like this to an otherwise healthy animal let us know. Still sucks & needs closure.
Mark P.S. THX Omen you gave me a whole new angle to check.
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