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I have a ferret too. She is a sweet heart through and through. She comes from a mom and pop pet store and was tame when I got her. And trained not to bite. I have seen a few in pet stores. I'd say about half of them weren't tame, and the other half were little angels. If you get just one you will have to spend lots of time with him/her. They are very active. And if you cage them you will need a fairly big cage. Here is bella's cage. She also comes out to play, has a play pen box, and a ferret ball to run around in. They get into the darndest places. lol.
And the smell is true. Bella is fixed and decented but it's her poop that kills us. lol, got to clean the cage at least every second day for one ferret, every day for more than one. And she has a large littler pan. Most ferrets wont use the corner pans.

Here is Bella and her cage.

Oh, and it is so fun to take her for walks. She loves the outdoor.
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