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Schedules should be more a guideline than something that is strictly adhered to. If you notice your snake is cruising around in feeding mode a few days earlier, then feed it. Once you learn to interpret your snakes behaviours, you can let your snake tell you when it needs to be fed. I wouldn't however interpret your snake putting his head on a bowl as a request for food, snakes are creatures of instinct, they do not learn to depend on us like a dog or cat would. They don't wait for us to bring them food when they are hungry, they start to look for it themselves

Originally posted by Jayson
In my experience some snakes are hungry all the time, this does not mean it needs to be fed. I once feed my burm a rabbit that was close to the max size for him, half an hour later after i walked past his cage, he was in feed mode again or still.
Snakes take a while to calm down from feeding, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are not full up. Most snakes stay in feeding mode for 15 minutes to 24 hours after feeding, some even longer (most notibly Hog Isle Boas ). They are just reacting to eating, not necessarily still hungry, as they do calm down when given time, its just reflexes
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