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Death Due To Live Prey!!!

Today was just going too good with my Vietnamese Blue Beauties hatching & all. Then the phone rings. Its a friend that I sold a farmed BP to last year. You know the type of BP I mean. One of those mass marketed no guarantees deals that I myself hate, but being a hypocrit I bought some from buddy anyway. They only cost me $40 each & I couldn't stand to see them kept the way they were about to be, all together in overcrowded conditions, in their own filth etc. So I bought them & found them good homes. The 3/4 that lived anyway & of course of the remaining 3, 1 won't eat nothing but live prey. Gotta love that farmed ****. Next best thing to wildcaught. Back to todays phone call. My friend just finished all her cleaning & feeding which included a large live hopper for the BP. Even though it is a yearling it is an appropriate size meal for the snake because they tried so long to get it too feed & finally gave in too live prey because of fear the snake would starve. Despite future efforts to get it on dead/thawed they had a "live feeder" snake. Anyway the snake had eaten & she had watched it do so, no problems & it climbed up to bask. She comes back 5 minutes later & the snake is acting like it is choking or something & its on its back drooling & twiching so she gets me on the phone. The snake stops & acts "normal" again for a minute & then gets all spazzy & keeps coiling & uncoiling itself for about 30 seconds or so & then it is dead. There was no signs of anything wrong with the snake prior to what you have just read. I told her that in my opinion the snake probably only stunned the prey & it "came out of it" & fought for its life inside the snake & is most likely responsible for its death. Can anyone else suggest anything else that this may be other than another death due to live prey because thats what I'm going with. Just another example of why to buy captive born & bred animals & not feed live. It really sucked having to be on the phone with my friend as her snake died in front of her & the only thing I could do for her was to offer her a great deal on a new snake to try & make up for her loss. Hardly appropriate. Worse yet I could do absolutlely nothing for her BP, R.I.P. little one. Anyhow this is far too depressing, I think I'll go look at my new babies to cheer me up. Mark I.
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