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The book is part right, and part wrong. CB specimens are definitely NOT exempted from CITES regulations. In some cases, CITES permits may be easier to get with CB specimens, but the permits are still required. "Proof of CB status" is a very difficult thing to provide in a legal sense. CITES permits are only required for international trade, not interprovincial. However, if you need a CITES permit to have imported something into one province from another country, then if that animal goes to a different province, the CITES permit (or at least a copy) should go with it. It is not enough to say 'somebody in New Brunswick imported it, and then I bought it from him'. Generally speaking, this kind of attention is only paid to species listed on CITES Appendix I, and perhaps a few App. II species which are not common in the pet trade. Green Iguanas, Boa constrictors, and other common App. II species are not what the Canadian Wildlife Service is really interested in.

How hard is it to get permits? That depends on a lot of factors, especially what species is involved.

I hope that this answers your questions.

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