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More pictures for your gallery >>> MORE

so yesterday i went on a pic posting 'spree' of sorts, and posted a few pics ... when a irealized i could only get 7 pics in my space, i had some problem solving to do. I opened up COREL PRINTHOUSE 3 ... and started to play around. If you want to sut the amount of space your pics take up in about 1/5 ... read on

1. Open the image you want to post (i know mine are of chameleons, and they were usually around 200-300kb each)
2. Go to file, and then near the bottom click on OPTIMIZE FOR INTERNET! this prepared the image for the internet, and because it knows there is limited space, it automatically reformats the image, so it is a lot smaller, while keeping all of the fine colours and details
3. Click on SAVE AS in the tellow box that pops up!
4. The picture will be saved as a web file ... for example: my picture toki1 would be saved as TOKI1_WEB
5. Go to your gallery and upload the photo

Note* i noticed some files are reduced more than others ... i had one reduced to 80Kb and one reduced to 40Kb and another to 30Kb .. i am not sure of the reason for this, but enjoy your optimized space
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