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Oh Gawd, this is such a hard question. I know that my favourite herps are snakes, most definately. And I love almost all Pythons. I like Pythons that don't get TOO long, but have a nice width to them. My favourite snake that I have is my Children's...I think I would have to saw Ball Pythons and Blood Pythons...I'm not one for flashy coloration, I like the down to earth, natural look.

But then again, I do like BRB's, Tangerine Faze Honduran Milks, Black Thayeri's, and there's one I once saw, "White Sided Black Ratsnake"

But I'll stick to the Blood and Ball Pythons for my long as I don't think anymore. lol

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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