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hmm let's see..
My 5yr [SIX IN OCTOBER MOMMY! as he keeps reminding me] loves them, cept the nasty green and red spots gecko *Tokay*, and the tarantulas freak him out a bit.
My daughter well.. she just looks.. too small to let them out near her, as she still has the "mouth is needed for touch" syndrom.

My brother would take all of my herps.. he's getting a beardie in about a month, cause I wanted him to have it all setup first.
My mom is cool about the leos, beardies, and frogs and toads.. she thinks the snakes are ok, doesn't like having frozen rodents in the freezer though [I live in my own house, but she watches my kids and sometimes needs to go in the freezer] and she HATES the tarantulas, as she's paranoid they will harm her human grandkids.
My dad well he's umm I really don't know.. he's not afraid or anything.. just thinks I shouldn't have so many..

Now the hubby.. he likes the snakes [cept "slugs" Bps, bloods, cept BIG girth to a short body, he likes corns, pines..] and pays for them all so I can't complain.. cept when he wants a certain snake and then doesn't wanna feed it.

my MIL just gave us some $ to go to the show in July and build/buy a rack for the herps.. she supports us, but doesn't like them in her house, or near the kids.. lol.. I think it's because her yorkie could be food for some of the snakes when they grow up.. LOL my step-father inlaw doesn't get it at all.. and that's ok.. my hubby's father isn't involved in our lives anymore so who cares... hubby's brothers and sister and sister inlaws .. well who cares what they think..
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