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The whole family loves dogs, nobody is particularily fond of cats, even though I have one. My dad is terrified of mice and rats and whatnot. My grandmother had a death fear of all reptiles, to the extent of ripping all the pages out of the encyclopedia and dictionary that had anything to do with them. My dad bought me my first reptile when I was 4. An iguana who is still alive and free-roams the house so the rest of the family is ok with her, she's more of a dog than anything to them. My dad's a bit afraid of snakes, but will hold them. My mom is more afraid and doesn't even like to be that close, she thinks they are gonna bite her if she gets too close. My sister and I do the leopard gecko thing together, I borrow all her males for my females. She's kinda scared of snakes a little bit too. My boyfriend is a cat person... but he's really starting to like my leos, I've walked in a few times to see him have them out claiming they wanted him to take them out. He could care less about the snakes... pretty funny I made him hold a bag with one of my borneos in it when we were driving, well he musked him through the bag and we had another 1.5 hours to go in the car My mom and sister love my tortoise, my mom brings him her hibiscus flowers in the summer. Everyone in my family likes select animals, but nonetheless are all animal people.
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