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I dont know where he/she is geting his info cause he was on my ignore list and i dident send any pm's to him/her.

he/she was on my ignore list for a while cause I was sick of being snaped at for stupid spelling errors or for stuff that he/she did not agree with me on.

I recived a pm some time ago and i exposed it to the public and was worned buy a mod to be nice about it so i droped it then I put it on my ignore list

then 2 weeks ago give or take a few days i cleard my ignore list saying to miself the past is the past and as soon as i did I saw that PM dated not to long B4 I cleard my ignore list.

In other words that person could have ben reading a thread i posted in and did not like what they read.

Or it could have ben a old PM I sen't in my difence that they did not get around to replying witch would be a lame reason to send it at the time it was sent.
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