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I copyed and pasted the exact message that was sent to me.
All that cause I disagread with him on the size of BCI and BCC.

(the stars are the persons name and signature I have more respect for ppl then that) But I will not fail to mention the roll model He/She is suposed to be
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Really you are a jerk off and you are pissing longtime members off to no end I am not going to even talk to you about experence and husbandry of boids,cause in your mind you know it all and in all reality you are just a punk who wants to be thought of as a pro,If you want respect you have to earn it and with your I know attitude you never will.Like I said jerk off to bad you can be a big ballsy man hiding behind your keyboard but face to face you are probably a big pussey.I will also point out that your birthday wish to your Girlfriend got no posts not even one That goes to show you how many friends you have here.

I have spoken to quite a few members here who are longtime keepers breeders and dealers(yes I have known all of them for a long time)and when we get to talking about jerkoff's on this site
your name always comes up I find that strange.Well now that I am very busy and have to take some time away from the site,to move and start my own company,I won't be able to read your posts and either get offended or laugh my butt off at the stupid wrong info you give to some people.Remember you started this way back when when you insulted my experience I only Hope someday you will look back and see what it was all about.

***"keeping boids before you were born"

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