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Ah, what the hell...

My name is Ken LePage, and yes, I am blood related to the guy who started the real estate company. Unfortunately, he sold it while he was still alive. I am a 27 year old proud Canadian.

More fun facts:

I am a software tester / web designer / graphic designer.
I am a heathen.
I have 6 tattoos.
I am a socialist who despises capitalist pig dogs.
I have a 9 year old daughter who I love more than life itself.
I put Cayenne pepper in almost everything I cook.
I listen to every style of music from opera to death metal, but my favorites fall into the Gothic/Gothic Metal/Black Metal/Power Metal categories.
I am obssessed with Dragons, Gargoyles, and Angels.
I am always broke.
My wardrobe is 90% black.
I am absolutely terrified of spiders.
I have 18 allergies, 4 of which can kill me. 2 of those 4 can kill me in under 10 mins.
I hate the outdoors (see above).
My favorite movie is The Crow.
I like coffee... a LOT.

That should be enough for now.
- Ken LePage
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