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5 of my leos i bought at pet stores several different ones and i don't think they rule. 2 i breed myself and kept , 1 my friend brought over a few eggs and i kept the first born. HEHE. 1 more leo from a expo. 2 beardies got from an expo. 2 corns got from a reptile and amphibian store. tarantula got from the same place.

So i really cant answer the poll. cause i get them from several different places. plus i plan on buying from some of the big name breeders pretty soon.
1.2 Bearded dragons (Login, Raven, & Jean Grey) 1.1.1 Corn snakes(Havoc,Sable, & Kink0 1.5 Leo's (Psyloke (Lucky-male) Speedball, Domino, Rouge, Siren, Elektra) 1.0 Veiled Chams (Neo), 0.1 Rose Hair T. (Night Crawler) 0.0.3 Crested Geckos (Shiva, Storm, Beast) 0.2 Kenyan Sand Boas (Tigra & Cloak)
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