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OK..... pretty cool thread.... here comes the old crone......

I'm Cathy, born, lived and will probably die here in Southern California although I have moved from Orange to Riverside county Graduated from San Clemente High School in 1972 and went on to become an animal services officer and shelter manager for that city after it opened in the late 70's. When I decided that it was no longer good being owned by the city 24/7 I ventured out on my own and became the best pet stylist I could possibly be and have owned/operated my own shop since 1987 and will probably be there as long as my body holds out.

My pierced ears are long closed up, only one tat on back of yellow naped amazon parrot which I brought with me for the tat artist to duplicate as best as he could, and only body disfigurements are the surgical scars, stretch marks from 1.1 children (29 & 25), and multiple animal bite and scratch scar reminders of battles long past.

I am huge on education for all responsible pet ownership, domestics and exotics.

I kept large boids in the early 70's but gave them up when I got married and started having children. I swore then if I ever had snakes again it would have to be my "dream" snakes, the exquisite gtp. Guess what..... because of a rescue I did last year I fell back into snakes in a big way and didn't expect that only a year later I'd have 8 gtps, one of which is currently gravid! I'm so excited, I feel young again about being a midwife.

Besides that we have 1 parakeet-Baboo, 3 dogs-Murdock, Chase and Birdie. The 5 snakes currently with names are Zhaan, Zalty, D'Argo, Snapdragon and Boomerang..... mouse colony with lots of mice

I grew up in the 60's of very liberal parents and was raised in a pagan lifestyle from day one. I now just consider myself Gaian and am extremely spiritual and thankful for all this blessed earth has given us. On a side note, I'm especially pleased that the sharing of so many personal paths here has not incited any conflicts!! WOO HOO!!! The world leaders could take this as an example of multiple belief systems getting along just fine. Pretty sure most religions are basically run on the same premise of loving thy brother and doing unto others, yada yada..... so sad that it's such a problem living side by side.

I'm high on recycling.... it's a great thing we can do for this planet..... hemp products...... did you know just even automobiles can be propelled with hemp-oil. You'll find me in the state of Washington in August for Hemp Fest showing support again and having a wonderful time with like minded people.

I am an avid drummer, play native american flute, dance with the full moon skyclad.

Now you see why us old farts haven't chimed in too much..... we've been around too long and it's hard to give the condensed version of who we are. So..... now, if I haven't bored you all too much to get kicked out of this place I'll go back and have some more fun here reading around.
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