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No I've neevr said I want to do it I'm just saying that everyone in the states has the right to go kill them if they want and if you wannna cgange it go do it and stop wynign about it. I dont see nyoine here[with the exception of Samba] that is trying to change the law. The only thing I see wrong with the shows is the fact that their collected from the wild and that their killed btu if thiese were cabtive bred animasl that were bred for the simple pirpose to die no-one would care and if they do they should go and shut down all the ranchers, and butcher houses where the same thing happens to pigs, chickens, cows, and lots more. If I could I would stop the death of every animal nothign deserves to die for another species to prosper it not fair but again its just part of life something I have to deal with despite my ralleis and protest[which I have held].
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