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Okay, heres my peice of mind.

First of all, DO NOT call these people red-necks aight...

Rattle snake rounds ups. Well, see, I'm not gonna take sides, but I'm gonna play the devils advocate aight. Look at it this way, dogs have fur, they are cute, cuddly , as well as cats and other "common" house hold pets. Sure, we are a small number of people who adore the reptilian species but hell, most of the world does not. Snakes are referred to as cold, nasty, evil and any other negative word possible. People hear stories of rattlers venom and all that bullshit how they kill everything that moves. etc.etc. That is somethin', although we try, will never be changed. This world is full of ignorant snobs and straight up, it will take a long time, if not forever, to change views. Of course the world will go nuts if people go around killin' puppies. Puppies show love, emotions blah blah blah, and they are cute and cuddley, lol. Majority of the people in this world expose little children to cute puppies to get their love for "nature" and pets. Not many, of the general public, show their kids snakes or many other reptiles. Sadly, thats how things are, and in the modern world, sorry to say people, but it aint gonna change.

Just to clarify, I'm not hatin' on no one. I like to see everyones views and I'm not justifyin' Rattler round ups, its just that, it happens and sure you can change a few peoples minds and all, but there will DEFINETLY be people still around doing what the do. Reality sucks, its just how it is. You gotta look at both viewpoints...

Just my 50 cent
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