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In Canada we have the massassauga rattler and we used to have the timber rattler until people decided to go out and kill them. They extirpated the entire timber rattler popultation! The same thing is happening to the massassauga its numbers are very low. Rattlers are magnificant creatures, sure they POTENTIALLY deadly but that doesn't give people the right to take it upon themselves to play god. Dogs kill people but we don't have dog roundups. We have made it all this time living with rattlers and yes there are some deaths but a lot of the time it is just for defense. If some one was gonna step on you you would stop them by pushing them out of the way or something of that nature cause you don't want to get stepped on, well snakes don't have arms so the use the only things they can. The rattlesnake will give you a warning by rattling its tail and if you persist it will strike, so if you here the rattle and pursue then you deserve to get bitten.
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