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All of my reptiles are both mine and my boyfriends. we both feel the same way about all of them.

My mom thinks i'm wierd but hey she always knew that. But she does respect the odd things i get into. She loves my beardies and now wants one of her own. She doesn't mind coming over sept the fact i have a tarantula. When i first got my snakes my mom was the first one to hold my female snow corn. She even held it before me. So my moms pretty cool with everything. She also likes to come over when my leos hatch. She thinks the babys are adorible. my mom was raised in the country when she was younger, she used to tell me stories about catching lizzards and snakes.

Dad, Who cares he's nowhere around. but if he was he would probly think i was nuts. in fact i know that's what he would think.

My brother thinks it's cool he used to keep 2 snakes. And he wants a bearded dragon for his 6 year old son. but i try to avoid the question cause i know his son is nowhere ready.

My sister thinks i'm crazy but hey i've always been a little different from most girls. my nephews call me aunt freak cause i have tattoos and piercings and now that i keep reptiles. But the oldest one wants a corn snake really bad, and when he gets a chance at school to do a report on reptiles he calls me up. But his dad wont let him have one. Cause i bought his little sister a hamster for her birthday last year and it escaped and went in the vents and died and they had to pay 500.00 to get the smelly thing out. LOL.

My boyfriends family. His mom HATES the snake and the tarantula, but she supports what we do and she is proud of what we do with them everyday. His little sister (13) has her own 2 leos, and wants some corn snakes. we wont let her have a snake though cause she wont feed it. His little brother wants a bearded dragon really bad. but we don't think he's ready either cause he still complains about walking a dog 2 times a day. But at least they ask questions and are very interested in them.

The rest of his family is kinda scared to comeover but they will as long as we don't take anything out of the cages. LOL
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