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Great question Zoe,

Well let me see. I'm 43 years old, have 20 snakes, lots of rats, lots of mice, a dog, a parrot and a wife.

My wife has been converted so when I say "Honey can you get me a F/T Adult mouse?", She says "No prob, who's eating today? Oh no not the rat pups..Is that for one of the Ball Pythons?". When I buy another one, she says "Not ANOTHER one...can I hold him....where are you gonna put this guy?"

My Mother, who lives on a farm, says I can keep em..she hasn't visited in a year..but I remind her of all the snakes on her property. And she still thinks there are no snakes. around the farm..OK Mom, whatever you say....she's forgiven though, after all, she is "Mom"
My Dad, in his own stoic way thinks I'm nuts, but hey I'm blood. "Son.. you have some weird hobbies!"
My daughter from a previous marriage thinks "Daddy" has lost his mind..but she is still coming for a visit, should be an interesting 3 weeks
My Ex knows I have lost my mind. But keep the child support payments coming.
My Brother tolerates them only cause he has to work with me.
My Sister avoids me like the plague. Must be the motherly instinct of having two kids
My Inlaws always considered me the black sheep, but then who cares, they are just the in-laws.
My Boss thinks I'm nuts, but I make him money so he tolerates it.
My Yuppy neighbours don't come over to borrow a cup of sugar anymore? Suits me fine.. "Hey Jim, it's 6:00 in the morning, what are you putting in the garden?" .Well Neil...hmmm that would be snake skin and aspen shavings..great for the garden...yeah that's it..great for the garden.."
The neighbourhood can't get rid of me, cause I pay my mortgage and condo fees..
The mice and rats fear for their lives
The dog hates it when one of dad's toys is loose
and the bird just wants to keep rooting for the Sens "Go Sens Go". I haven't got the heart to tell him the playoffs are over.

All in all I think the general consensus is I am regressing and I have no will power...what do you think? Now back to building my rack system, need more space, need more snakes..

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