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What does your family think of snakes?

I was thinking about this and was wondering what your family things of snakes and animals in general?

If there has already been a thread to this effect (I couldn't find one) please feel free to delete this one.

As for me, my mom is a vet and is (for some reason) partial to chihuahuas and black cats. My dad LOVES animals and we always have a blast going to the zoo, and tolerates my snakes (so long as I pay for everything and they don't stink up the place).
My grandparents are all good with animals. My grandmother on my dad's side is a little iffy about snakes, but respects them in the wild. I even got her to use humane mouse traps when I explained how the normal ones hurt the mice.

I'm really happy my family accepts the snakes... I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't have them!

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