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Ahh okay, I see what you mean about politics. I thought you were refering so some sort of cruelty. What about the boxing, though?

Yeah, you don't see me on my way to washington. Hmm why could that be? 1. Its 11:30 at night. 2. I can't afford the plane ticket 3. i'm 17 and would never go to such a city alone 4. I have SCHOOL. 5. I have WORK

Of course I do plan on doing something about it in the future. Right now all I can do it voice my concerns and objections.

Just so you know, I would "betray" anyone in my family who did something like that. Thankfully all my family are animal lovers Even my grandmother (who hates my snakes) respects snakes in the wild and would never hurt one (she'd be too scared lol), and my grandfather got real mad when a guy who was golfing with him killed a snake with his golf club .

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