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but thats just how it is
Could you imagine how the world would be be if everyone thought that way? There'd still be so much racism, slavery, torture (human torture), fascism. who knows what else.

You can't just accept something because it's a way of life. If negros had said "yes, i'm a slave, I get starved and beaten every day by a white man. but hey, thats life!", things would be awful today. Stuff doesn't change on it's own.

Hello duh polotics is involved because the people that run the whole society club whatever you want to call it are in polotics their governors congressmen/women such forth tahst why its still running they cant pass laws to stop it. I meant by boxing and polotics is that their dangerous things murder, consperisy runs rampid in both which is unrelated which is why its another story.
I still don't see the relevance, but it does go to show how unbelievably messed up humanity is. It makes me sick sometimes .

we have to deal with it till it changes.
It never will change if we just accept it. Yes it might take a while to make things change, but it's people like those on this site (well, cept you <- i dont mean that in a mean way) who will make life better for these snakes in the future.

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