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Hello duh polotics is involved because the people that run the whole society club whatever you want to call it are in polotics their governors congressmen/women such forth tahst why its still running they cant pass laws to stop it. I meant by boxing and polotics is that their dangerous things murder, consperisy runs rampid in both which is unrelated which is why its another story.
I'm defending it because its not as badd as you people think it is and becuase its a way of life for some shutting it down would be like shutting down a circuses all the people wouldt have jobs anymnore.
Oh yah one problem the whole coyote thing is still a problem to coyotes are still a big problem here at least. In fact we have a huge pack that lives inside the city. Freaky right but that a diffrient story and kind of funny and not as scary as it might sound.
The point is they are badd very badd but not as badd as people think and you can JUST shut them down that woudlt be fair or right. Yes, I know neighter is the killing of the snakes but thats just how it is. We all want it to be stopped but it wouldt be so easy as 1-2-3 so we have to deal with it till it changes.
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