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I know I said I wasn't going to reply but this is just nonsensical!

Politics and boxing arent the same as slaughtering snakes! Boxers enter into a contract that states that they agree to fighting and possibly getting seriously hurt. I don't even know what politics has to do with anything.

I'm defending it because people that dont even know whats going on are posting things that are'nt true and then go and eat a hamburger and put on their leather jacket!!!
So you hate roundups because you think they are awful, but you are defending them because they aren't really that bad??

It's been stated that no one here is against the actual eating of snake meat. That would be hypocritical, yes. I eat meat, but I wouldn't stand for cows being chased and killed horribly for my enjoyment.

If these games where people stuff snakes in bags to exist they are very rare and dont occur in big shows where the head honchoes are present
The innocent/educational (uhuh) part of rattlesnake roundups I'm sure no one would have a problem with. But what is shown in documentaries (yes, I know they are biased) have actually happened (they didnt stage something awful just to stop roundups), and that's what everyone here is against. We are against the way they are caught, the way they are treated and the way they are killed.

I don't refuse to witness it, but I'm not going to go to texas just so I can see animal cruelty and slaughter.

Nature has a way of balancing itself. Otherwise the whole world would be overrun by rattlers, right? I'll give you an example. A while ago (50-some years I believe) there was a big coyote scare. Everyone hated them and wanted them dead. So they killed almost all of them. What happened that year? They were overrun with rabbits!! Which made is easier for the remaining coyotes to get all the food they needed and reproduce. A few years later there werent enough rabbits for that many coyotes and many died, and balance between prey and predator was found again.

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