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NO but its no hicks like you say and maybe there been some harvard grads there how would you know youve never been. I'm defending it because people that dont even know whats going on are posting things that are'nt true and then go and eat a hamburger and put on their leather jacket!!! You are a hypocrit not saying I am not but I dont eat meat or wear leather. But high society reings over these roundups how do you think they have stayed up and running for so long? Politics are a horrible sport second only to boxing but that is a diffrient story. Why must we argue we both agree these things are horrible I just know a little more about the actual things that happen then you do which is obvios as to you've never been. If these games where people stuff snakes in bags to exist they are very rare and dont occur in big shows where the head honchoes are present they would never stand for it. THose shows on T.V. only show the supposed badd things about the shows and probly dont even show the actual presentation put on by the roundups to educate the public about safety. If you refuse to witnes thishorrible "injustice" then I dont think you should post about you just dont know what happening next time theres on in town I will record the ENTIRE thing and send a copy to you and I will show it on a site where every member can watch the whole show not just the "evil" part but the good part to and the educational part.
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