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I live just north of El Paso, rattlesnakes are not bad in this area the very much do their share to control the rodent populations, the El Paso, Las Cruces, Tucson, and Phenoix (sp?) hospitals all carry antivenin with the only hard time really being during the switch from wyeth to crofab late last year and early this year to the best of my knowledge. Almost all evenomations occur with us in their territory and most even with children allow a wide time for treatment but with tissue damage increasing significantly the longer the delay. I think I've heard that more people are killed every year by donkeys than by Crots and I don't see any plexi paperweights with donkey heads in them or donkey hoof ashtrays. If you and your friends don't want to be bit stay the hell away from them. Round-ups are simple capitalism, you and your family making bucks without investing the capital to produce your own I breed both molossus and atrox, kind of like cattle rustling from the publics herd for simple greed. Do you have any idea what rattlers are protected species and how to indentify them, do all the collectors also know, are all the stupid destructive toxins you pour into the dens (permanantly desroying them) approved by the state and manufactures for the purpose your using them for. Is liquor banned at these events and among participants, or does the possibility of some drunk getting bit get ignored while we're supposed to swallow some whine about getting almost bit. Get off it, it's no better than the murder of baby seal for their fur by another bunch of money grubbers, do you have a real job? If so then you don't need the round-up money anyway.