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Have you been to one of these awful shows, all I said that if you havet been to one then you dont know what happens so you dont have a right to say their horrible you can say I've heard their horrible and these are my opnions based upon that but saying studd without knowing is not right. Also I hate the thing, and I hate the way the animals are collected but thats life, they are seldomly are skined alive. The point of the show is not to excite at all it is to educate they just dont do it right. Also they dont play a game where they stuff them in bags, IO have been to the biggest one in the states every year since I can remember and this never happens I also go to the one in the town I live in which is rather large and have never witnessed this. I know the ratlelrs dont hunt the kids but [even though science sais this is not true] I have seen and heard snakes not run from a predotor they turn and fight and and when it tries to back down the snake dont. I cant blame the snake for this that nature but its saying rattle snakes are mean!!! LIsten to this it is a tue story, I was nne I was playing at my granmas house int he yard I went to pick something up i did but when I drew back i saw something flash across my eyes then i heard rallting I knew what it was and reflexis made me jump back[I know the rule is to stay still but I couldt] then the snake struck again his teeth almost hit my lower knee I lived only because I jumped back I would have died becuase it would have taken hours and hours to get to a could hospital.
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