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Okay, I have read all of your responses and such forth and think that anyone that has never personaly been to one needs not comment. The docs you watch on T.V. make it for worse then it truly is. I'm not supporting it but its just not as badd you people make it seem.
1. they dont torture the animals, I've worked at them have frinds and family that work/run them.
2. eating them skinning them and what not else do with the dead bodies is no worse then eating meat, or wearing leather/fur.
3. the snakes are milked and their venom is used for antivenom making and medical research.
4. the whole point of the show is to educate people on saftey around the animals.
5. the thing has been going on for so long if it stopped there would be a horrible growth in the population of rattlers causing many mnore bites. I live in west texas where rattlers are a very real threat and danger. Despite what anyone sais they are the only agressive snake I know of and yes I do hvae first hand experince with this which is probly why I dont like them very much. I know what your all thinking" hes stupid its not the snakes fault its the humans"" bann him now" Well I know there are rules and such but trust me they dont help alot with the population as it is now I see at least one a day. They crawl into peoples yards, say their 2 year old palying in the yard come across a snake doest know what to do. KABOOM, bite the kid most likely dies becuase of age and the fact that theres only about 5-6 hospitails in wets texas that caryy antivenom not to mention the kid probly lives int he country and it takes to long to get him there. Rattlesnakes are considered badd here and they cause alot of problems, I'm not saying go kill them all and I'm deffinatly not supporting the rattlesnake roundup as I hate them and would like them shut down.[now] But alot of you are here saying its so horrible when you support thing much worse everday!!! Think about the mice and rats you feed your snakes and the people that feed live dont have a single right to post here!!! Bottom line rattlesnake roundups are badd but not as badd as some might think and serios thought would have to be taken before they are shutdown+ it would never happen in texas, at least not in the near future. I have almost been bitten, and several of my friends have been.
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