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Blood pythons are not usually long animals however they can get some real girth. A Malaysian red usually will only reach 5ft but can weigh 25 pounds, maybe even a little more. A 6 or 7' specimen may weigh 35-40 pounds, but they average somewhat shorter. Borneo bloods are generally smaller and 4 ft. is a fair average for them. The black blood is similar to the malyasian red usually reaching about 5 ft. These are general averages and specimens may actually be shorter or longer than this. Almost all can be housed in a 4X2X2 as adults. I really suggested them because they are a good animal for intermediate level keepers and give good experience on keeping up humidity, needing around 70% regular times and boosting to 100% during sheds. More and more C.B. become available and they can be spectacular looking. They also can be quite good breeders once you learn to cycle them, another plus is they are great exp for moving up to GTPs, BRBs, and Emmies.