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all of them do such silly and cute stuff it's hard to just share one story but i guess the funnest ones are my beardies.

Every once in a while i will put one of my large water dishes in thier cage instead of taking them upstairs and giving them a bath. My female was sitting at the edge of the dish getting a drink then out of noware my male comes running and jumps on her back then into the water bowl. (using her as a diving board) When he would jump in the water bowl duck his head under a few times. Then run around one of the big branches they have, run back behind her then do the hole diving board thing again. he did this like 10- 15 times. The whole time shes looking at me like get him the hell out of here he's lost his mind. ive only seen him do this on 2 seperate times but it is so hillarious to see.

I won't take up anymore time. But thats just one of so many funny or silly things they do
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