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How about the cod fishery on the east coast of Canada? Why aren't there any of the 60 million Bison left on the prairies. What ever happened to natural praries for that matter? I can't agree with what's going on but its nothing new. History is full of examples of people using their environmoent to their advantage. we are the lucky ones. We can sit here and type on the keyboard and criticize all the people in the world for all of the "ignorant" things they do. But we must remember that if it wasn't for hunters, if it wasn't for war, if it wasn't for ignorance, we'd be no better off today than any other third world country. To the people who's livilihood (and survival in some cases) depend on
these types of living, we must show compassion instead of anger. To try and educate and not condescend. If there were only "animal lovers" and the WWF and Peta left, we wouldn't last a week in the Jungle. I guess I could post this in the Rattlesnake round up post, too. By the wat, JeffT, China and Asia are Not countries. Only one is.
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