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My story isnt really as long as you guys. Im only 17, only got one snake, but i have loved snakes since i was a little kid. I dont remember what initial incident triggered this i just know ive loved them for a long time I almost got one when i was 14, but i guess its better i didnt cause my parents would have to pay for mice. Then recently i was saw some snakes and remembered my childhood love of snakes and thought to myself "why havent i got one?" so i researched (i already knew alot about snakes in general, just had to research about keeping them as pets) and I just got a beautiful 8 month old Aberrant Desert phaze California King snake. Its only 14 inches now. I cant wait for it to get bigger and i hope to get some more when im a little older lol. I aggree with everyone that this is addictive. Dont really know if ill ever breed but id certainly like to own a few of my favourite corns and kings o>
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