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Heres another tidbit for everyone (XxRachxX). You ever hear of a "Branding Party"? They too are held every spring all across Canada & the U.S. All the calves are rounded up given their shots etc., males are casterated (UMMM Prairie Oysters, yep they eat em!), ear tags are put in & yes they are branded. Lots of big parties took place long before your trip to Micky D's or the shoe store. I for one wouldn't feel too happy about being roped, hogtied & held down to be casterated/branded without any sedatives (or at all for that matter! lol) but it happens always every year. Not to mention how many Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens etc. that are subjected to horrible cruelties as they are slaughtered daily for us all. Take a trip to a slaughter house & you'll think twice about BBQing tonight. Mark I.
P.S. I might as well mention all you folks that feed live prey as well, nothing like being eaten alive while ya suffer.
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