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......what do these people get from it??
Yeah these people may well be eating snakes or wearing them, im mean.....cmon! these people dont go to a roundup to buy burgers, or hatbands do they?? they obviously go for the kill.
if we want to eat beef or pork, or wear leather, we dont all go to a big convention to rip the skin off live animals and "parade" around in it?, we dont go and make a party of it?
these people must hate these animals and do it out of disgust, fear or something else!!! we dont hate cows or pigs or chickens, do we?!
at the end of the day, it happens and i dont believe we can do much to stop it!! its just the things some people do! if something did would still happen anyway!! like dog fights, **** fights (ok male bird fights!! ) , animal testing etc. cruelty to animals will never stop, nobody really understands them as well as the animal lovers do.....and these people are not the animal lovers.....
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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