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What most people don't realize about these roundups is how the snakes are gathered. They take jerrycans of gas & dump fuel down everyhole they find hoping that all the snakes etc. will come out because if they stay in the holes the gas will kill them. Unfortunately they dump gas into tortoise dens killing all the eggs. Eastern Indigos are killed regularly as a result of these roundups also as they use the burrows for their eggs as well. Not too mention all the other critters that live in the holes that are indiscriminately killed as a direct result of some rednecks "fun". They are so enviro"mentally" friendly afterall. They do turn the snakes into products such as boots, belts, hatbands, keychains, paperweights, hamburgers etc. It is all still rather disturbing to me though. Mind you a trip to any slaughter house is always disturbing, mind you I don't pack up the family & head to the processors either. Oh & Lizzy001 unless you are a full blown vegetarian that doesn't eat, wear or use anything from animals you are a hypocrit. Unfortunately we all are to certain extents. Heck I ate both ham & beef yesterday, both my slippers & my boots are made of leather & I think I used some glue as well. Just a few examples. We are all hyprocrits to some extent when it comes to these morality issues. I in no way shape or form support these roundups don't get me wrong, but there are 2 sides to the coin & it is very easy to be a full blown hypocrit while defending "our" side. How many species are they going to let them wipe out before they stop em is my question or is that their plan? Some disturbing things to think about anyway, sigh........ Mark I.
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