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Well, hello there kiddies.....Back in my day.....
Nevermind, I am just feeling old, seeing all the teens on here.
Here is my info:
Randy Plank
Married with children 1.3 (Still love that TV show, BTW!)
Live in Colorado, USA
Can be found on numerous boards as RPlank
Was a cop for nine years, but got sick of the BS (from the public, AND the brass!)
Currently work in county jail (population 1200ish) as a detention deputy. (JUST a jailer, as my wife so eloquently puts it!) and am perfectly happy there.
I have 1.3 Ball Pythons, 1.1 BCI's, 0.0.1 Normal Cornsnake. Someday, when the kids leave home and I can afford to feed it, I want a normal burm.
Thats about it....I'm off to take out my dentures, take my meds, put an afghan (blanket!) on my legs, and watch old Ed Sullivan reruns, younguns!
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