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Unhappy "Countdown to Extinction"

I was just watching the WWF "Countdown to Extinction" They showed how they slaughter wolves and sea turtles and such. It was absolutely disgusting.

One case, when they banned wolf hunting just outside algonquin park some hunters slaughtered and beheaded one of the tagged wolves, mounted it's head and collar on a wall and said, "Don't Dare US"...

And with the sea turtles, it showed footage of them cutting the shell off a sea turtle while it was living and squirming. It was bleeding all over and no one cared, they were all just gawking.

I am so saddenned and disgusted. I would honestly be a WWF donator if I had the money, but until i get that job, I'm afraid I just get to be one of the people who are royally pissed off at the ignorance of people...

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