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I agree with what you guys have said but frankly I also think they need to chill out over there.

At every single SPCA I have been too they are rude, "paranoid" and they treat you as if you are a liar. You can be 100% about the animal without being rude to people and treating them like they are going to start beating the animal on the way to the car.

I get what they go through, I know, but frankly if they want more donations and more people to adopt their pets they need to change tactics from "militia" to "Hi lets talk about how you can take care of a puppy the right way" I just don't go there now and get my pets from the newspaper because of the way the local SPCAs have treated me and people I know. I thought it was just this area though!

P.S. they provide a great service, dont get me wrong. but dang they are downright scary sometimes. *L*
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