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Re: Rather frustrating

Originally posted by meckst
The fact of the matter is, why do they really care? They're the SPCA. They're just going to kill the animals in a week to two weeks anyway. They need the extra space. I applaud them for being cautious, but seriously, they should be happy for anyone to come along and take the animals. It's not like they get very crowded there.

Gargh. Too complicated for me. So frustrating.
They care because they would rather have the cat killed painlessly than give it to a home where it would be neglected or abused. I'm sure that you are a wonderful pet owner, but one really can never tell without some sort of credible referance. The SPCA see's some of the worst case of animal mistreatment imaginable, and do everything that they can to insure that it doesn't happen to any animal that they adopt out.
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