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wow, that is one huge dog!! and I loved seeing all the other pics! Teresa your dogs are absolutely beautiful!! I'm not a cat person eithor but I love the look of the yellow, flat faced cat. lol, and that white one sitting on his hiney was just too cute!!

Here are my non-herp pets.

Sorry the pics are small but I had to downsize them to make more room on my site.

Bella with my daughter.

And playing.

Quasi, he is a special needs bird, born with deformed beak and feet, but he is one heck of a sweetie pie! A rescue that was dieing when I first got him, but after a few vet visits and meds he is doing great! We've had him for about a year and a half.

Hawk (we call her chicken hawk) and yes, she is feeding a baby here. Too cute!

And this one is my dad's bird but hawk's mate. Long story. lol Harley.
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