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Another tidbit. I too won't hesitate to pay people in advance, for animals that they have hatched already that is. Many people have on ssnakess have recv. deposits in their accounts before I have recv. my animals. I don't hesitate to do business with people I trust or have no good reason not too. I have never paid a deposit on an egg before though. Seeings how Don P.'s name keeps popping up I'll use him as an example (hope thats OK Don lol) I have paid him in advance for animals before & I currently have my name on a list with him for eggs. Once they have hatched I will gladly forward him a deposit or all the money if required. Don didn't ask for a deposit & I didn't suspect he would, but if he did I would make one. Refer back to what I've previously stated & UUUUMMMMMM DIAMONDS!!! A man's word is still good enough in certain circles & I've had great success with most people I've dealt with. It is hard to have much faith nowdays though. Mark I.
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