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THX for all the replies people glad to hear some different takes on the subject both serious & otherwise. Here's another somewhat more personal type question aimed at Corey or anyone else that is the same type situation. Lets say hypothetically (sp?) that some unforseen thing happened to wipe out your eggs. Say like fire, flood, theft, vandalism, electronic failure, whatever, lets say none hatched anyway. Are you in the position to refund any & all $ right away, like do you have it in an account or something? Do you have any type of insurance policy that would help you refund these peoples money? I know this is kind of a slim chance, but what if? Do you have any safeguards in place or is it just faith in yourself & God? I'm not trying to be rude or too personal here, but I myself am now getting more into the higher end animals & I like to stir things up & see what people have to say. I find myself learning lots on these forums & any & all input is always appreciated (well mostly anyway, lol). I myself don't/won't take deposits because I'm a "what if" type guy. Maybe all those years on the road in the oilpatch have tainted me? Anyhow lets hear some more guys/gals. THX again everyone. Mark I.
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