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I don't see anything horribly wrong with hybridization, but I personally wouldn't hybridize any of my animals, what would be the point? Usually, when people are breeding an animal, they are trying to achieve purebreds...purebred dogs, for example, have been selectively bred for decades to emphasize certain traits...this is sort of like what people are doing with corns and BP's by making albinos and whatnot. Only problem is that if you're getting a corn snake, how can you be 100% sure it hasn't got some milk or king snake intergrade in it's lineage? With dogs, if you want a REAL purebred, you buy one from a CKC registered breeder, but there's no such organization for herp breeders, so you can't be sure. I think that if you want to create a hybrid snake, fine. Just don't breed it into your other lines, and then market the offspring down the line as something they're not. Hybrids should be a pet-only type deal. IMO
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