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I like the old "$ talks & BS walks" rule. This also applies to any & all animals that are being marketed. If you do not yet have the animal in hand, don't be trying to sell it. Advertising or taking names for potential offspring is one thing, but where do some of these people get off. I was considering buying an Albino BP from someone in these forums once & found out that they had not even purchased it from the US breeder yet, but they were more than willing to take my 5G in advance. Yeah right, do I appear to be that big of a sucker that I'm going to pay someone (months in advance) in Eastern Canada to buy me a snake from California so it can be shipped to me in AB via them so they can make a middleman profit without investing a red cent of their own $. Apparently because they seemed to think I shouldn't have a problem with this when it was dicussed with them as I tried to find out info. on an animal they knew nothing about because they hadn't even seen it. Needless to say any & all dealings with them past & future were dropped like a hot potato once I found out waht they were all about. Mark I.
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