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Taking Deposits on animals not yet produced

Whats everyones take on these breeders that take deposits on eggs still incubating, or worse yet take deposits on eggs they "expect to be laid". I personally won't. I don't think anyone else really should either. If you need the money that bad, sell something. Don't count your eggs before they hatch, let alone before they are even laid. What happens if all those "highend" animals don't produce viable eggs or the eggs never hatch. Do you think that those people that needed the money so bad they were taking it in advance will be able to pay back all their deposits they recv. if something goes wrong? Maybe they will, but it would probably take some time. What does everyone else think? Mark I.
P.S. I am basing my opinion on personal experience where a breeder took my $ up front & never produced & was not able to pay me back either. I had to take other highend animals in their place or I wouldn't have been paid at all. Oh & I had to wait an extra year to recv. them also. M.I.
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